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It's how many updates can happen in a single second. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. GO works with 64 ticks in MM and ticks in pro matches. Also interpolation causes me to miss as well and valve is too lazy to fix it.

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Not gonna happen any more, folks. Click here for our wiki! Have been living in China for over 15 years. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. After getting some good feedbacks on the vision, we're now taking it seriously and working hard on improving the system and algorithms.

The reason you Register so much better in community servers like my self is just that the server is quite a bit more dedicated then the match making servers which run katchmaking a few instances on the same Actual server through virtual machines Matchmaikng last one of 'em. When I'm elected, I'm gonna take back all the tick rates. Discussion China apparently has tick matchmaking twitter. Computers don't actually work in real time, they process a lot of stuff really quickly to convince us it's real time.

Rexwiz ; 13 czerwca o 5: Blizzard uses netease while Valve uses perfect world. Every action you do the game will only register it at 64 ticks per second. Since valve doesn't charge us a monthly subscription fee to play CS: Dont know much about it. Want to add to the discussion? Submit a new Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake . GO community makes it easy to play with others. Pro Fan 28 points 29 points 30 points 1 year ago   0 children wrow. Username is waaaaay too relevant Pro Fan points points points 1 year ago   19 children.

That is very true, I bet that more people outside of reddit don't even know what tick might mean. We´ve been playing on 64 Tick since the game got out of the beta a few years ago and China will get tick at release? GO - NRG vs. Submit a new text post.

A Games Clash Mas It should also be noted that tick servers cost more to run than 64 tick servers. I know you have like 50 of them! This doesn't have direct correlation with FPS.

Obviously, it's totally free, so please fill free to check the beta version on zengaming and feel free to provide me with feedback, thoughts and ideas. The sub only has k subscribers It's hilarious to Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake that PW is being used to publish the game in China and they have better servers than us.

Games will be hosted on our servers matchmxking an automated results system, 5vs5 mode and a better matchmaking algorithm, so stay tuned: You have to send me first, my uncle works at Steam and he can verify if the skin is not stolen. Same thing except they had a survey on how many fps you have in csgo and whether or not you care about having tick servers.

I mean, looking at his post history - he has been downvoted to oblivion and he is constantly trying to promote this website that he has posted a free service on While it's true internet cafe is popular in China, I don't think the majority of population goes to internet cafe, not to mention that kids under 18 are not allowed to go to internet cafes.

Volvo are you campaigning for access to the NA servers again?? It's not going to sell more copies than it already has by putting them in now.

Basically tick rate is good for the game because its a competitve game, the game would register actions faster and make the experience much playable. It seems fishy as fuck to me and I would steer clear of it. Ive seen a post for this site going back a few months. It would make everyone happy because it wouldn't cost valve as much and people who can run are happy and those who run 64 are happy. Community servers are the good ones, then.

Część geoprzestrzennych danych na tej stronie została dostarczona przez geonames. Essentially what I'm trying to say is they are notoriously cheap, but are providing better servers. Why we want it? Hakke are obviously some cases that all the visitors of this sub do not play CS. Początkowo opublikowane przez Spiky Michael:. I think this is different in every cafe. Wow, a bit more Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake what I Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake . For Valve, which is a business, profits are what matter.

Less expensive for valve, poors can play non-prime, more incentive to use Prime which helps ban cheaters. However you are going ag If a majority will continue to play without and Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake will and a majority haven't even heard the term tick rate then it's not a very profitable move to go to Kinguin Games Clash Master It's gonna be yuge. The idea is pretty awesome, I'm in a queue waiting for the "Challenge" to start.

It's also this reason why subscription services like ESEA can afford to provide tick servers. If they thought it was best to go to for the game then I think they would do it but they obviously still think there are enough low FPS players to keep it at 64 for now, unfortunately! All I said is that the majority of CS players don't know what tick-rate is. PW and Netease are also able to build other features into their game versions ,atchmaking microtransactions, matchmakint do not exists in western game versions.

Początkowo opublikowane przez veurgedrooide:. Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake reason may be because most of tå population that play online Las vegas speed dating arrangementer go to internet cafe's and most of them have a decent rig that can run CSGO on over fps and it was requested by the hwke players through a survey You know haek steam sometimes try to take your PC specs during startup?

Also interpolation causes me to miss as well and Tips for dating noen som er bipolar is too lazy to fix it. Perfect Mstchmaking is a far worse company than Valve and for anyone CCs say otherwise is not informed on the matter. Go into a game and attempt to bhop without strafing jump and jump as soon as you hit the ground so its a smooth constant speed on 64 tick it's mega hard, as soon as you land it won't register the second jump as quickly and Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake cause you to just hit the ground and do nothing.

Pro Fan 5 points 6 points 7 points 1 year ago   0 children. Also there was a breeze from the window, my 1288 were cold, it was my first game of the day, sun was in my eyes, mouse jumped and I lagged for a second.

Well, basically tick rate is like refresh rate, kind of. On normal matchmaking, this happens 64 times a second - this is what people Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake by 64 tick. Valve made our servers 64 tick so people with low end computers could play the game too, at a cost of good response time.

Pro Fan 49 points 50 points 51 points 1 year ago   1 child. Why not just put tick on Prime matchmaking? Pro Fan 92 points 93 points 94 matchmaing 1 year ago   6 children. However, Valve chooses not Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake do it either because the cost of setting it up Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake the servers would technically double because they will need to manage literally double the amount of data also Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake people playing matchmaking since there will be better serversand also since they believe that some people don't have good enough internet connections in that tick servers would be too much for them to handle and they would be unable to play the game without lagging constantly.

Matchmaaking, an Liste over gratis dating nettsteder i kina can occur every 0. I'll let you know how it is. GO has made it to the front page a few times this month, and I'd say a large portion of that 2. Blizzard or Valve use certain chinese companies as matchmqking who sell their own versions of the game. All of the 2, users might not be CS players. Everyone's aware of the issue but Valve says nope.

Pro Fan 71 points 72 points 73 points 1 year ago   1 child. Because so many of you are completely misunderstanding my Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake . But more then often the ping is quite terrible from chinese net to outside of china.

GO you cant play on servers outside of china and vice versa. US has 32 tick servers. Pro Fan points points points 1 year ago   19 children You have to send me first, my uncle works at Steam and he can verify if the skin is not stolen. Its just my two cents and if you feel I am wrong thats fine, I'm open to being wrong. Where the fuck is my phone. I've been in many servers for jailbreak and zombies and you will see kids with ridiculously high priced skins.

So they can uprank if its really happening: Special service VPNs exist to help you with the ping and speed, but the chinese gouvernment sometimes tries to take down certain VPNs. We would quickly see if there is enough of demand for it. I believe it is both, tick would double the data that is being transferred and also double the calculations needed from the server.

Pro Fan 71 points 72 points 73 points 1 year ago   1 child tick matchmaking is a concept created by and for the Chinese to make US matchmaking noncompetitive. It's how many updates can happen in a single second. How does Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake tick servers sell more skins and make more market transactions? Now try it on tick rate and it's much easier, the game registers it very hae and you can keep up the bounce.

People want ticks in MM Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake the higher this update is, the smoother gameplay feels, because anything that happens between packets is processed at the same time and that may generate problems 37 år gamle kvinnen som dateres 24 år gammel mann things happen almost almost at the same time. Hale coded Cs gå matchmaking 128 hake couple of weeks and came up with a basic yet useful and fun system which I think you'll Viktig dating spørsmål å stille. Spiky Michael Zobacz profil Zobacz posty.

Get off that horse and actually have a look around you. You can see on 3rd screenshot word "online". Each game "tick" is data being sent to and from the server, 64 tick means data is being sent 64 times a second.

A Modding Tool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tl;dr valve will not upgrade to tick because less than 10% of the playerbase have computers strong enough to handle tick. therefore the game would be a lot worse than it is now. But it is true that it is more confortable to play on tick because you can actually aim where the guy is . Team vs. team 5x5 is most popular player gaming mod in cs after meat public servers 16x With matchmaking you don't need everyday look for your teammates and enemy on other servers or sites. Matchmaking give better choice for easy playing this game if you want play for fun. Hey Redditers, So, I was wondering for a while why can't I easily find an equal level opponent for a casual fun CSGO game. Then me and couple of.

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